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Band repair clamp manufacturer and exporter

We are manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Band repair clamp also known as Split Repair Clamps are an essential part of our suite of pipeline integrity products. Available in a wide variety of sizes, ratings and arrangements, the clamp product line can be supplied independently or as an add-on to larger repair systems.

solid block bolted piperepair clamp Manufacturer
Split Repair Clamps Manufacturer and Exporters

What is Split Repair Clamps ?

The sealing arrangement provides full containment around the damaged section of pipe (leak sealing only). If required, we can design the clamp to have a gripping section to provide a fully permanent structural repair that can be DNV-GL Product Certified.

Suitable for onshore, topside, diver installed or deepwater remote repair, our engineered MORGRIP clamps provide an increased lev-el of safety and reassurance when repairing critical pipelines or being stored as part of an emergency pipeline repair system or contingency plan.

Our clamps are application specific and designed, forged and fabricated to the exact requirements of the operator and repair location. This bespoke service ensures a fully configurable solution of the highest quality.

Technical Specifications for Leak Repair Clamps:

Sl.DescriptionSplit sleeve type leak clamp assembled with studs, nuts and best quality seating material whole body as per the specification mentioned below:-Bidder’s Response  
No.  AgreeDisagreeSeek Deviation
  i.            Edge as per ASME B -31.4 shall be done to be welded including nuts & studs of leak clamp.   
  ii.            The circumferential ends shall be chamfered (approx 45 deg.) down to thickness of the Pipe as per ASME B 31.4, section
1Edge Preparation451.6.2. (C).6.
2Hydrotest Pressure152 Kg/cm2 for class 600 at ambient temperature. The sheets shall be replaced upon completion of hydro test.   
  Testing shall be carried out in presence of Owner’s representative. No visual bulge shall be accepted during hydro test.
  Two coats of Zinc Silicate primer with minimum coating thickness of 100 micron uniformly applied on body (uncovered by seal) of the leak clamp.   
4OthersClamps to be painted with airless spray gun. Primer: Zinc Silicate – 75DFT, Intermediate Coat – MIO 50DFT, Top Coat – Epoxy Polyurethane – 40DFT   
  a. With Bid   
  i.       Supply record indicating details of buyer, Purchase order, Payment receipt, Pressure rating, Size, Year of supply.
  ii.       Compliance letter that fitting shall be manufactured as per specifications.
5Documentsiii.        QAP
  b. Upon order
  i.       Detailed drawing showing all dimensions i.e. overall length, sealing length, sealing width, inside dia of the clamp of leak clamp, size of studs, size of nuts etc.
  ii.       Torque for tightening the leak clamp, total weight of the leak clamp.
  iii.        Material test certificate of plate (for shell) and
6 stiffener, fasteners and seating material
 CertificationAll the testing / heat treatment shall be in accordance to API 6 H standards (Latest Edition)   
7MarkingName of manufacturer, year of manufacture, purchase order number, size, pressure class etc should be engraved on the body of leak clamp. Size of clamp shall also be painted on body of the clamp.   
8Lifting hooksAll leak clamps shall be provided with lifting hooks for handling of the clamps.   
9PackagingPackaging shall be done in such a way that these can be preserved in Original as new condition.   

Specific Information:





Bidder’s Response



Seek Deviation


The fittings shall

1.         Chemical composition and Mechanical properties

shall be checked for base metal as per relevant material standards and this specification, for each heat of steel/materials and drawing of sample & testing shall be witnessed           by TPI (Third party inspection) and/or Owner.

2.       Chemical composition and Mechanical properties shall be checked for fasteners and seating material (BUNA-N) as per relevant material standards and this specification.

3.         If required, chemical composition and mechanical

properties may be verified/rechecked at third party lab and shall be witnessed by owner and/or TPI. All incidental costs shall be borne by supplier.

4.         Tensile, yield, elongation, chemical composition & Hardness value to meet the material specification.

5.         Plates used for fittings shall be ultrasonically examined for lamination in accordance with ISO12094. Acceptance level B1 for the body, and E1 for the longitudinal edges. Vendor shall arrange test arrangements.

6.         When fittings of size>18″ NB are manufactured, the fitting of each diameter and wall thickness shall be ultrasonically checked for sufficient wall thickness

in areas where minimum wall thickness is expected.





be inspected at


vendor’s works


and raw material


at the pipe/plate





laboratory of




Physical Dimensional Check

1.      Visual inspection-100% Witness by TPI (Third party inspection) and/or Owner.

2.    Physical Dimensional Check shall be witnessed 100 %

by TPI (Third party inspection) and/or Owner.





Ultra sonic testing of weld ends     for lamination/cracks

/other defects up- to a length of   50 mm

3.      Ultrasonic Testing–Random Witness by TPI (Third

party inspection) and/or Owner.

·   All weld ends shall be 100 % ultrasonically tested

for laminations and crack up-to a length of 50 mm.

·       Lamination/Cracks/other defects shall not be acceptable. Weld repair on bevel end is not permitted.





Final documentation check





Compliance To Specification:

  1. The bidder should comply to the specification in totality and in token of confirmation the bidder shall return a copy of specification duly signed &
  2. Any remark by the bidder in respect of specification shall be mentioned herein below with proper reference to the clause and appropriate reason for the
  3. Any remark directly or indirectly on the specification by the bidder made elsewhere in the offer shall not be considered by the


Dimensional Details for High Pressure Leak Repair Clamps











SIZE (inch)







Min length of clamp (inch)

Min Seal Width (inch)


Min length of clamp (inch)

Min Seal Width (inch)


API 5L X46

Petroleum Product