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Topside & Onshore Mechanical Connectors manufacturer and supplier

We are manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Topside & Onshore Mechanical Connectors like Topside & Onshore Connectors, Subsea Connectors, Remote Connectors, Clad & Lined Pipe Connector.

why Topside & Onshore Mechanical Connectors ?

  1. Metal graphite composite sealing enables the seal to flow around the pipe OD, ensuring a chemically resistant, high temperature, high pressure seal that will not degrade in extreme environments. 
  2. Engineered gripping sections include balls that are mounted on a tapered housing. When the gripping element is activated this taper enables the balls to roll onto the pipe OD. The load exerted by the gripping element is an engineered value that is dependent on pipe strength and wall thickness.
  3. Fire safe in accordance with API Spec 6FB, achieved through a unique metal graphite composite seal, mechanical gripping and retained stud bolts. External pressure test facilities ensure joint integrity prior to commissioning.
  4. Full DNV, Lloyds and ABS accredited approvals exist for either permanent or temporary repair. 
  5. Can be used for emergency repair, planned shut downs and tie-ins, or stored as contingency equipment as part of an Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) club.
  6. Offering a 30 year design life; and providing a totally maintenance free solution. 
  7. Can be provided on a project-by-project basis by our dedicated engineering team.