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Encapsulating Repair Muffler Manufacturer and Supplier or Exporter

Repairing damaged pipe joints with our encapsulating repair mufflers is a tried and true solution. The outer tube’s two halves are bolted together and positioned around the damaged area. To keep the collar leak-proof, it is connected to a rubber seal on each side.

Our mufflers can be customised to cover multiple leaks in a single pipeline section. This is a cost-effective solution.

Encapsulating repair mufflers of almost any diameter can be fabricated in our manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing prowess enables us to maintain the same high standards of quality across our entire product line. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need large diameter piping solutions and allow us to assist you.

In tricky situations where you may encounter ovality, our encapsulating repair mufflers can be fabricated to fit your pipeline. We can send out specialist engineers to measure your pipes and fabricate encapsulating repair mufflers tailored to your exact specifications to ensure our encapsulating repair mufflers are an exact fit.

Simply put, for any pipeline, we can design and manufacture encapsulating repair mufflers. We have extensive pipeline experience spanning the globe, having worked on a variety of pipelines carrying a variety of substances. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need one of our experienced engineers to look over your piping specifications or simply need some advice from our knowledgeable sales team.