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Casing Heads Manufacturer and Supplier

We are manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Top and Bottom Casing Head i.e IEC-22 Casing Heads and IEC-29 Casing Heads .

Casing head drawing

What is Casing Heads ?

Casing Head is the very important equipment used in drilling process. casing head can control the wellhead pressure,casing head are often welded or screwed on the top of the conductor pipe or the casing then become a part of the wellhead system of the oil well.

Casing Head has a straight bore bowl with 45°landing shoulder design which avoids damage to sealing areas by drilling tools and prevents test plug and bowl protector wedging problems when pressure is applied.

Casing Head provided by RSEP are normally furnished with threaded outlets and studded outlets and also can be manufactured by request. Bottom connections can be furnished threaded or slip-on for welding.

Casing Head provided by RSEP can used for single completions and model of dual completions. 

Features and Benefits:

  • 1. Versatile straight-bore design,Uses a 45°landing shoulder.
  • 2. Accepts a wide variety of slip and mandrel casing hangers.
  • 3. Has a additional lockscrews for Bowl protection.
  • 4. Allows use of lockscrews to retain hanger.
  • 5. Three different types of outlets: Line pipe, Flanged (Studded) Extended flanged outlets.
  • 6. Multiple bottom connections, such as: Slip-on weld, Slip-on weld with O-ring, Threaded and Sure Lock.

Top and Bottom Casing Head

Bottom Connections

The standard bottom preparation is the most commonly used Slip On Weld Socket (SOW). API female, BTC and proprietary casing threads can be provided on request.

Top Connections

All IEC-22 and IEC-29 heads have standard API Flanges. Optional lockdown screws (two) for bowl protectors or (multiple) for annular seal compression can be provided on request.

Specification :

Casing heads Manufacturer and Supplier
IEC-22 Casing Heads
Top FlangeTop FlangeBottom CasingOutlets
inchesRating psiinches
1120008-5/8 – 9-5/8 – 10-3/42″ LP
1130008-5/8 – 9-5/8 – 10-3/42″ LP
1150008-5/8 – 9-5/8 – 10-3/42″ LP
13-5/8200013-3/82″ LP
13-5/8300013-3/82″ LP
13-5/8500013-3/82″ LP
Casing heads manufacturer
IEC-29 Casing Heads
Top FlangeTop FlangeBottom CasingOutlets
inchesRating psiinches
920007-5/8 – 8-5/82-1/16″ 5M – SSO
930007-5/8 – 8-5/82-1/16″ 5M – SSO
950007-5/8 – 8-5/82-1/16″ 5M – SSO
1130008-5/8 – 10-3/42-1/16″ 5M – SSO
1150008-5/8 – 10-3/42-1/16″ 5M – SSO
13-5/8300013-3/82-1/16″ 5M – SSO
13-5/8500013-3/82-1/16″ 5M – SSO