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Pipe leaks repair manufacturer and supplier

We are manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Pipe leaks repair like Split Sleeve Repair Clamps are an essential part of our suite of pipeline integrity products. Available in a wide variety of sizes, ratings and arrangements, the clamp product line can be supplied independently or as an add-on to larger repair systems.

Split Repair Clamps Manufacturer and Supplier

What is Split Repair Clamps ?

The sealing arrangement provides full containment around the damaged section of pipe (leak sealing only). If required, we can design the clamp to have a gripping section to provide a fully permanent structural repair that can be DNV-GL Product Certified.

Our clamps are application specific and designed, forged and fabricated to the exact requirements of the operator and repair location. This bespoke service ensures a fully configurable solution of the highest quality.

Suitable for onshore, topside, diver installed or deepwater remote repair, our engineered MORGRIP clamps provide an increased lev-el of safety and reassurance when repairing critical pipelines or being stored as part of an emergency pipeline repair system or contingency plan.

Split Sleeve Repair Clamps

  • Available for carbon steel, stainless steel or duplex pipe materials

  • Standard temperature capacity from -40 degC to 250 degC, the units are in accordance with API Spec 6FB for fire safe application

  • Supplied with single or dual elastomeric sealing

  • Rated for working pressures up to and including ANSI 2500 rating (638 bar)

  • Solutions for installation by diver, WROV or fully remote

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Features and Benefits:

  • Standard Clamps are fitted with a high-grade elastomeric seal made from high valuable places. In these applications the sealing load is achieved through the bolt tensioning of the clamp studs (split sleeve design)
  • All Clamps are designed with an external pressure test facility that determines the joint integrity prior to commissioning
  • Twin seal configuration is also available to allow inter-seal testing to be carried out during installation
  • Clamps may be supplied for both topside and subsea repair applications
  • Engineered solutions can be manufactured to use metal graphite composite seal that is provided in all Mechanical Connector products
  • Graphite based sealing ensures a chemically resistant, high temperature, high pressure seal that will not degrade in aggressive or harsh environments
  • bespoke connector solutions can be provided by our dedicated engineering team

Technical Details:

  • Size: Standard Repair Clamps: 4 – 52″ ≤ 1500# suitable for temporary
    carbon steel applications
  • Size: Engineered Repair Clamps: ½” – 52″ >2500# suitable for temporary
    or permanent carbon steel, stainless steel and super duplex applications